Create Your Integrated Project Delivery Team

Imagine having a team of seasoned Architectrue Engineering and Construction veterans on a coordinated project team that includes designers, builders, suppliers and fabricators. A team that is focused on delivering value above all else. Accomplishing the task of forming such a team sets those involved apart, marking them as particularly skilled collaborators. These professionals will be recognized by reducing risks, increasing profits and adding quality and value to projects. We call this our Smart Built Culture program.  Participants in the Smart Built Culture Program learn to create integrated project delivery (IPD) teams capable of winning lucrative work in the built environment industry. Join us today to create a Smart Built Culture in your organization!

So here we are, radical and off the wall. We're suggesting you do something so radical your peers are wondering why even think such a radical idea? But you know what is currently going on isn't working and something has to change, and change now. If you are in the project delivery business, then you are in luck. There is a way to reduce risk, do more with less, all at the same time. It's called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). I've been there too. I understand you want something more, something safe, something better. but to get that you have to be willing to do something radical, off the wall, something that's safe because it is different. It's a "Purple Cow."

Imagine a team that can deliver consistent value across multiple projects over time. Imagine a team that wins work time and time again because they consistently deliver the highest value. Make this your team. Create this disruptive change by creating your IPD dream team and market it directly to owners! Too often firms wait until requested to create IPD teams. Move from being reactive to proactive! Build an IPD team and approach owners from a position of strength where you highlight your team's’ ability to coordinate and deliver value.  We call that Smart Built Culture(r).

Strong IPD teams optimize project performance as a whole by collaborating deeply to carefully define the owner’s value proposition and project goals. Intense collaboration around clearly stated value propositions gives rise to respectful trust based relationships where integrated decision making leads to joint ownership of those decisions. Such IPD teams operate in a transparent, technology rich environment where all stakeholders feel safe sharing risks and rewards. That environment nurtures respectful trust based relationships.

Effective IPD teams deliver value at phenomenal rates. Forming an IPD team in advance arms team members with the knowledge required to answer questions the owner raises with precision and accuracy. Knowing the rights, duties and responsibilities of all team members places an IPD team on superior footing and facilitates the identification and validation of an owner’s project goals at the beginning..

Great IPD teams understand how to generate effective project alternatives more readily and help owners make good, fast and informed decisions. As a result, owners make decisions based on the best and clearest data. Now owners are making decisions that align with their original value proposition. That’s revolutionary, not evolutionary!

Forming your IPD team early on supports creativity and innovation. Well formed IPD teams enjoy clear communication and focus which reduces risks and increases the value of the project. Why is this? Because the unique organizational structure of our IPD teams enables members to share risks and rewards under innovative compensation models. Supported by a new generation legal framework, our IPD teams avoid misguided incentives found in traditional

The unique organizational structure of an IPD team enables members to share risks and rewards under innovative compensation models. Supported by a new generation legal framework IPD teams avoid misguided incentives found in traditional lump-sum agreements. Owners, designers, constructors, fabricators and suppliers share value as value is added. All IPD team members benefit. Owners receive real value and compensate team members accordingly. Many minds are working toward the best solutions which encourages innovation and value creation. 

Join with us as we help you build a premier IPD team in your market. All you need is a minimum of any two or more collaborative partners. A designer and a contractor looking to form a visionary team; a general contractor and a trusted trade contractor; a designer and a gifted consultant. All it takes is a vision and some leadership. Are you ready to create Smart Built Culture? Find out if your team could qualify for one of our IPD Chaos to Clarity Mastermind groups. Answer a few questions to see if how you stack up with your peers as you think about how to form an IPD team.



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